Grenfell: The First 24 Hours

Marking the anniversary the first anniversary of the grenfell tragedy, this one-off special focuses on the survivors' stories. By using the first-hand eyewitness accounts from those living in and around the tower, as well as their personal footage captured on the night, this documentary pieces together the timeline of the tragic events.

Starting at the first report of the blaze at 12.45 am on June 14, 2017 and continuing through to the moment the London Fire Brigade brought the fire under control 24 hours later, this film provides a vivid insight into the tragedy by using the testimony survivors, eyewitnesses, people that lost loved ones, and a firefighter.

For the first time a firefighter talks in detail about his experience of entering the burning building and his efforts in helping rescue nine people from inside the tower. Others including residents recount emotional memories of extreme acts of bravery by members of the public and firefighters as the horror unfolded.

This documentary pieces together the stories and insights of those affected by this disaster, and shows how a community's shock turned to anger. This is the people's story of the first 24 hours.

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