Not Your Average Influencers

An intimate documentary delving into the fascinating real lives of Scottish influencer couple Charlie Allan and Lauren Faulkner.

Since meeting online in 2019, the loved-up 22-year-olds have amassed over 300,000 followers across their digital platforms, making social media their full-time job. However, their unconventional way of life generates strong emotions from their followers, and they have been targeted by trolls in a relentless campaign of online bullying, while offline, they are grappling with life struggles and decisions that many of us will never have to face.

Charlie is transitioning from female to male, and has taken matters into his own hands after being unable to deal with the psychological torture of long NHS waiting lists and delayed treatment. Meanwhile, Lauren is dealing with deeply debilitating OCD and emetophobia, a fear of vomiting, which has caused a dangerous addiction to anti-sickness pills. Unable to work a normal nine-to-five job, Lauren has entered the risqué world of online sex work. However, but as the money flows in, so does the online abuse, and there is an ever-growing fear that there is no way out of life online. The couple desperately want a family of their own – but will their quest for normality ever be achieved, or have they sealed their own fate in the limelight?

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