Wonka: The Scandal That Rocked Britain

Exposes the truth behind one of the biggest scandals of recent times.

It was a scandal that shocked the world. Hard working British families were promised the experience of a lifetime… and instead witnessed a horror show. In this astounding documentary, we expose the truth behind the Willy’s Chocolate Experience one of the biggest scandals of recent times, which became a news story that made international headlines. We reveal how organisers used AI to create fake adverts and posters showcasing a magical wonderland, but in reality, rented a warehouse and filled it with cheap-looking props and cardboard cut-outs.

We also meet the victims, who share their stories of anger, disappointment, and disbelief; and the staff, who became overnight sensations on social media, as their performances went viral. We hear from consumer experts, who explain how the organisers exploited the public’s love for the classic story, and how to avoid falling for such schemes in the future.

And we’ll lift the lid on other outrageous rip-offs, from a video game event that ended in the courts, to a million-pound festive festival scam which left the organisers serving time behind bars.  It’s a must-see documentary that will have you questioning every penny you spend on a family day out.

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