Hotel of Mum and Dad

Living with the one you love is a rite of passage- cosy evenings on the sofa, lazy Sunday mornings in bed, plenty of alone time and even the odd frisky moment in the kitchen. But what happens when mum, dad and even nan come crashing into the picture? Having to move in with the parents is bad enough when you're single, but it's even harder if you're a couple. From muffled sex lives to screaming arguments, we'll find the love birds living with the parents or in-laws who want to find a way out.

With unemployment amongst the under 25s at an all-time high, rent through the roof and crippling debts of up to £53,000 on leaving university, it's tough getting your own place. But is lack of money the only reason for this growing phenomenon? A record number are maxing out their store cards and online shopping means temptation is literally a click away, with 80% regularly buying things they don't need. And what about the mummy's boys (and girls!) who say they want to move out, but they can't cut the apron strings because they like their home comforts too much?

In each episode we'll intercut two couples with contrasting stories as they're set the challenge of road testing living on their own. They'll have to go over their budget, fess up to what they earn, and find a flat/shared house they can afford. It's not going to be the comfortable, 3 bedrooms home they're used to- it might be a room in a shared house or a studio and they might have to move to a less salubrious area- it will be a huge reality check- but at least they'll get the privacy and independence they've been craving.

Their practical skills and compatibility will be put to the test. They'll have to budget, shop, cook, clean, remember to recycle and put the rubbish out themselves. We'll see humour, tension and emotion as we discover untapped domestic talents they never knew existed or watch as they struggle even with the simplest of domestic tasks. Will one of them end up doing everything while the other doesn't pull their weight?

At the end of the week they have to decide whether to stay put or move back in with mum and dad. Will they find after a taste of freedom, even a tiny apartment is worth it for their independence and sanity? Will it split them down the middle as one wants to stay on and the other wants to go home? Or will they both realise they're missing a trick and be back home in time for a home cooked roast dinner?

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