The Jihadis Next Door

In 2014, director Jamie Roberts filmed with Islamic extremist Abu Rumaysah. This last week, Rumaysah has become one of the world's most wanted men- he's suspected of being the British jihadi in the latest ISIS execution video. This timely, powerful new hour-long documentary for Channel 4, takes an intimate and challenging look at those spreading extremist fundamentalism here in Britain. Roberts, who also directed 'Angry, White and Proud' for Channel 4 gains extraordinary access, over the course of two years, querying the motivations and stated aims of a new wave of extremists, including Rumaysah, who are radicalising and grooming young British muslims.

With recent events such as the attacks in Paris, and the threat of terrorism 'highly likely' in the UK, this documentary meets the men who the UK government are intent on cracking down on. Whilst the loudest opposition to their extreme ideology comes from other Muslims, these men are determined to exert their radicalised views on others inside and outside the faith. Here, we discover, from the inside, just how dangerous they might be.

What motivated these men and how far are they willing to go to achieve their aims? Are they really non-violent extremists as they claim or a genuine threat to our society and the way we live?

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